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Recent News
Wesbuilt named 128th largest General Contractor in the United States for 2023

ENR Contractor of the Year 2022

150 Top Contractors for 2023

Wesbuilt Construction Managers was ranked 128th largest general contractor in the United States, with over $115,000,000 of total revenue.  The firm was also awarded ENR Contractor of the Year for 2022.   A main reason for the honor: the firm has developed a comprehensive BIM process, called COLLAB, that it says saves clients’ money and virtually eliminates site condition-related change orders. The method incorporates 3D laser scanning of existing conditions; BIM modeling of spaces that accurately represents dimensions, clearances, and existing features that might have been omitted in design documents; and comparison of 3D scan data points with shop drawings to eliminate clashes between trades. Wesbuilt also provides all subcontractors with hand-held devices that show dimensions, locations, and paths for all elements of the project in 3D.Wesbuilt says the process significantly reduces cost overruns, accelerates project delivery, and improves collaboration by eliminating conflicts. The firm scans even very small projects such as retail fit-outs during pre-bid walkthroughs.

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