Our Services
Comprehensive Construction Solutions

Wesbuilt is a full-service general contractor and construction management firm. We also operate a number of divisions with unique capabilities to suit specialist requirements. The company is committed to delivering quality, cost effective solutions within a safe and considerate working environment. We have combined traditional values and experience with an innovative approach.

General Contracting

At Wesbuilt Construction Managers, managing construction projects means systematically controlling every facet with the utmost care along the sequence and flow of the work. Through our years of experience, we’ve gained the wisdom and ingenuity to make responsible, informed decisions at every step of the process, for the projects we are contracted for. We leverage our vast amount of experience and best practices to achieve quality construction for all of our clients. We give our clients the peace of mind they deserve by fulfilling their mission objectives for function, aesthetics, sustainability, costs, value and proper scheduling.

Design and Build

Wesbuilt is highly experienced in the area of Design & Build Contracting. The key to the success of our Design & Build approach is the early and continued collaboration between our dedicated design development team, design teams and client stakeholders, allowing for a cohesive approach to the project from the outset where the design is developed in full compliance with exact client requirements. Our design development team coordinate the design, utilising regular design workshops, client presentations on major design items, advanced delivery of sample & mock-ups and fully detailed design submissions from an early stage.

Construction Management

The Construction Management / General Contracting (CM/GC) approach enables owners to benefit from designer and contractor expertise at an early stage in the procurement process, ensuring maximum opportunities for value engineering. CM/GC teams jointly perform value engineering, feasibility studies, environmental processing and permitting, design, and constructability reviews. Wesbuilt understands that the value of the CM/GC delivery method starts with the timely evaluation of construction means and methods, and accessing costs and risks during the pre-construction phase for all of our projects.

Experience has taught us that when we are brought in for Early Contractor Involvement, there are improvements in schedule, buildability, sustainability, change control, dispute avoidance, and crucially, client satisfaction. We work collaboratively with our clients, project teams, designers and consultants to ensure value is added by early involvement in design, pricing, risk management and programming. We demonstrate our experience and commitment from the early stages which follows through every stage of the project.
Scheduling & Site Logistics

We present the schedule & site logistics in a visual narrative that is easily understandable to both a professional & non-technical audience. We can represent this in 2D, 3D or 4D video renderings which allows for project schedule & safety concerns to be conveyed clearly to all project stakeholders.

Cost Management

Successful owners have found the best opportunity to stretch every dollar comes from doing the “tough stuff” early. That means aligning all the key stakeholders around a common goal. It means wrestling with the difficult decisions about which priorities are most critical, making the smartest trade-offs and setting the right expectations. Our Quantity Surveyors and Costs Estimators perform alternative cost studies and cost control throughout the design development, value engineering, and construction phases dleivering compartitive budgets at each step of the design development.

Design Assist

Wesbuilt’s in-house “trade” trained sketchers and engineers assist the design team in developing fully coordinated shop-level drawings in unison with design drawings. This results in the majority of coordination issues being discovered and addressed as the design progresses resulting in a high degree of design, schedule and cost certainty before any Sub-Contractors are hired.